Monday, 23 February 2009

An Indepth Understanding Letter of Credit

Today and tomorrow I'm attending training on Letter of Credit - An Indepth Understanding by Mr. Billy Foong Goon Poy. This is not my first I attended her training session as I attended Incoterms training by him at the same place as before, Crystal Crown. With over 30 years of experience in banking and as a trainer no doubt he have all this at his finger tips. I believe most of the executive who are dealing with Incoterms surely trained by him.

Half day in the morning until lunch we had gone through from method of payment in International Trade, Trade facility and last but not least revision of Incoterms . We also touch base with BL, Documents flow chart, BL, bill of exchange and also collection method.
After lunch we start our class with overview of LC (reimbursement and not reimbursement, Sight Nego, Nego Usance LC and Transit interest
Well this is two days course which Billy charges us RM999.00 (Including tea in the morning, lunch and tea break in evening also training materials. The learning Bill chooses is by WORK BOOK where you have to color it using pencil color to differentiate between the exporter, importer, money transaction, documents transaction etc. Without this I’m sure more will fall asleep. Also, for me it is easier to understand the topics learned. The training stated at 0900 and finish at 1700.
Visit Mr Billy website:

Sunday, 22 February 2009


The title actually is a head in NST today, further read here.

I would see this is an initiative by our government to response current world car industry situation where by there are thousand of cars cannot be sell and most of the cases these are are at the port, in the manufacture vicinity or at the 3rd party area...

Government have to do this in order to make our car industry move or else our workers in car industries also will be affected as same as car manufactures workers around the world. Reported in web site among others;

  1. Nissan has announced plans to cut its Sunderland workforce by 1,200.
  2. Jaguar Land Rover said 450 British jobs would go.
  3. This week BMW laid off 850 at its Mini factory in Cowley, Oxfordshire
  4. Aston Martin cut 600 positions, around a third of the workforce
  5. GM says 47,000 jobs will be lost world wide


Another story HONDA CEO, Takeo Fukui will step down from his position and will be taken by current Senior MD, Mr. Takanobu Ito from June.

Monday, 16 February 2009


Too lazy too write...jut enjoy and interpret your the opportunity while visited the terminal during my PIPE...

Friday, 13 February 2009

Birthday Party


Birthday "boys" and "girls"

Well my office mates today organize a birthday party to Hj Ali, my direct line boss. We are also celebrate collectively 6 of us who are celebrate their birthday in December, January and February.

We have Cake fr Secret Recipe (where else??), fried mee and many others..a very simple party but everybody is happy and that is really matter..

By the way...I would like to thanks my beloved wife because she bought me a small ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins, which is my first time eating ice cream cake..thank you SAYANG..

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Dear Reader..

If you have info on the availability of used gas turbine SOLAR Saturn 20 and Saturn 1o please do contact me by drop me an email (

I am currently looking 4 units gas turbine generator SOLAR GAS TURBINE SATURN 20 & SATURN 10....

Why is work full with meeting

It has been quite sometime since my last post here...why this happen...well normal excuse.. busy with office work...but what is so busy until you keep on having job is all about MEETING....

I'm so tired with meeting need to be attended everyday in the office life office for today:

0730 : arrived @ office

0830 - 0900 : discussion on going project

10.00- 1350 : WPM's meeting

1350 - 1415 : Lunch

1415-1459: Read email / reply email / called finance / give feedback /

1500 - 1910: Meeting on proposal to submit to GSCM

Ohhhh man...have to stay back just because of meeting....not really productive to do as on going job pending....